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  Optimize your PC with WinTweaker?  
  • 94% of PC's have corrupt and unused registry data that
  • may cause slowdowns or crashes, check yours now!
  • Do you receive mysterious Runtime error ?
  • Has your computer's stability become an absolute nightmare?
  • Does Your Computer run slower than it used to?
  • Is your PC running extremely slow?
  • Is your computer freezing or crashing?
  • Do you receive mysterious error messages?
  • Plagued by constant blue screens?
  • Unable to load .dll errors?
  • The WinTweaker helps you to optimize your calculation?
  • It can repair your Registry's problem,Let your computer
  • become equally with the new?[download now]
    Testimonials :
    Unlike most registry cleaners that bluff their way into getting a big count, WinTweaker is far more concerned into what it finds and what it omits. It concerns not how many it finds but rather what it finds. WinTweaker is the safest.
    My machine always becomes faster after a scan.
    The tweaking is great. Scan speeds are ok.
    I trust this program - after some terrible experiences in the past using other programs. This one never fails me.
    Thumbs up
    john raiden -San Francisco, US
    WinTweaker safely fixes any registry problems and corrects any errors. It also improves the pc speed by 5 times. Good Interface and very easy to use.
    Lou Gaussa, CANADA

    Great Application (Must have it)
    Clean Installer and Application. Good in repairing & fixing registry problems. Good in cleaning your computer junk. Its performance exceeds its Price.
    Jeff Houck

    WinTweaker is a great registry tool. It works better than the registry tools compared with Symantec System Works. Try the evaluation and you will see how many registry errors your machine may have that can affect its performance.
    Lou Gaussa

    Your program found and eliminated 868 problems in my system. After fixing the errors,
    my computer has responded amazingly, and there are no more errors when I start up my PC. Thanks so much!

    - Jack NY, US
    Great! I was getting constant errors when I attempted to run certain programs. I ran your program, clicked a few times, and before I knew it, my PC was like new. Thanks so much!

    -Jim TX, US

    Win Tweaker™ Awards :
    Optimize your PC with WinTweaker?
  • If you wish to clean up your registry to make it quicker, fix a recurring error or broken link, or catch early signs of severe problems,speeds up your PC,prevents crashing and freeze-ups, WinTweaker is for you.

  • The most important thing to remember when selecting a registry repair utility is that safety is the most critical issue. You may end up removing vital pieces of information that can destroy your entire system if you are not careful. Clean my PC divides detected errors into categories, delivers details of each error and grants direct access to the errors. The addition of severity rankings would increase this product's security. [DownLoad Now]
  • Win Tweaker™ Features
  • One-Click Scan and Registry Repair.
  • Overall Increase of PC Performance.
  • Improve startup times by up to 70%
  • The safety net of back-up registry utilities.
  • Prevent application crashes.
  • Removal of Invalid program shortcuts.
  • Removal of invalid help files.
  • Internet Explorer backup/restore.
  • BHO manager.
  • Startup management.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Automatic/manual removal.
  • Automatic Scan.
  • Repair Windows Startup Errors
  • Repair Internet Explorer Errors.
  • Scan Dangerous Activex.
  • Registry compress.
  • Stabilize Scripting Errors and more.
  • Custom Scans.
  • Manual Cleanup.
  • Junk files cleaner.

  • Repair Office Errors.
  • Psapi.dll & all other DLL Errors Repair DLL Files.
  • Repair Windows Startup Errors
  • Repair Office Errors.
  • Unlimited free technical support.
  • Backup and Undo.
  • Fixes Corrupt Files.
  • Restore Correct File.
  • Free Scan Windows Registry.
  • Load windows faster.
  • Run applications smoothly.
  • Maintain your system like new.
  • Repair FileExtions.
  • Fix Windows-Installer Errors.
  • Repair Windows XP Errors.
  • Repair The malicious plug-in.
  • Your choice of automatic or manual registry error removal.
  • Easy management and cleanup of your startup programs. .
  • Removal of any duplicate files that are wasting drive space.
  • Repairs frequent windows rebooting problems and system freezes.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • About Win Tweaker™
    WinTweaker Information:
    Current Version: 2.0.
    File Size: 1,376 KB.
    Operating System: Designed for Windows XP, 98, Me ,2000 ,Vista and Windows 7(new).
    Release Date: January 08, 2010.
    Designed to: Clean and compact your registry to optimize your PC for better.
    performance.100% Safe, Guaranteed.

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